kawaiisailorbabe said: Happy birthday! I'm sorry to hear about how your friends suck, I'm here for you!

Aw Breanna! :) why thank you! And its okay i have no friends anyways πŸ’ i appreciate it though πŸ˜„

10 minutes into my birthday and not a single call, text, wallpost, or message from the hundreds of friends on fb nor the thousands of followers here on tumblr. Well ok. 😞


Today was a real good day.

There’s more to me that I have yet to find… ♬

Pre birthday lunch with Fam (at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina)

When yo sock game just too on point.

Brothers wife took my phone wtf… made me mad.
Cause we are out to eat.
Idgaf. I dont have a wife or gf to concentrate on so