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"My heart feels so heavy and I don’t know how to carry it."

-Sharon Dogar, Annexed  (via ifnothingelsebekind)

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Chloe on the dark side

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This guy.

So theres this guy manny that has been trying to get her. She talks to him everyday and they hang out like 2 times a week.

And so she was with him last night. They watched a movie with a married couple, their kid, and this girl.

She told me she was then drinking and at 145am she said “come pick me up”
Then i drove to calexico which is a 15 min drive.
She didnt know where she was. I then went to look for her. I searched 2 friends houses and asked but they werent there. I then asked a random dude if he has seen the guys car and said no.

I then went to her moms to ask if she knows where he lives. She didnt know. So between 215-6am me and her mom waited outside. She called us and said she is coming home multiple times.

So then i saw her snapchat best friends and snapped manny asking where my girl is.
She then came at 6am and said she was charging her phone and lost track of time.
We then talked in my car for like 10 mins and she didnt want to go home. She slept in my car till 640. And between that time, the guy said she isnt my girl. I then unlocked her phone and texted him “shes asleep with me. Thanks for bringing her. Bye”

Because he texted her 3.times and called 3 times. It was annoying.
Then i said yeah right. Then he came over at 640 am. Knocked on my car and asked me to get out.
He said stop being a pervert and stalker and to leave her alone. I said wtf im not doing anything wrong.

He said he is there to walk her to her door and i said whatever. See if she wants too.

She got up and left with him to the door. He then waited at the side of the block, waiting for me.
I pulled up next to him and he said leave. That he was gonna kick my ass and that i wont do shit.
I told him to leave her alone and then i left.
She then told me why i went on her phone
And i said because the phone vibration was annoying me. So yeah.

Just great. I let my girl go with the guy that likes her and her friends to the movies. Here i am at 4am waiting for her since 2am. Ive went to 3 of her friends houses to see if they know where the guy lives. Of course shes drinking. She told me to pick her up but she doesnt tell me where. So her mom and i are waiting outside for the past 2 hours. Calling and calling. She keeps telling us shes on her way.

This is why i dont trust the guy because he cant take care of her. Im the only one right for her.
Im not that mad, i just want her home already to know shes safe and okay.


I wish I could just close my eyes and fall asleep rather than laying awake thinking about everything I could have and should have done differently

Literally one second she will kiss me and the next second she says she doesnt know about us.
Like i understand youre confused and stressed but that doesnt mean you gotta treat me like shit.

So i sorta need advice idk. Yesterday i went with Stephanie and took her classmates to San Diego for our arabic tour and stuff. I drove for a long time. While we were waiting outside their islamic church, i told her my back hurted (note her friend and her boyfriend were in the back seat of my car). So i told her she will rub my back when we get home because it hurts a lot. 
She said “why?” 
I said: “Fine ill just have some other girl do it.”
And she got so pissed. But i was obviously joking. She has only been with me for 2 weeks. We arent going out but we’ve kissed many times and held hands. 
She doesnt know me well enough to know how far my jokes go. But then again i do take jokes too far.

Recently she has been taking us slowly. She thinks we are moving too fast which is right but its not fault she kissed me the first night we met. 

So now the past few days she doesnt kiss me. Maybe my cheek once a day or not even in a day. 
Im trying my hardest for her. I have never done so much effort to a girl at all. Ive done things in my 2 weeks better than her exs have when they were together for over 3 years. Im a great guy. I just wish time would pass so she could get to know me well. 
I stay hours everyday at school with her to not let her be bored at school.

But anyways i bought her some flowers for an apology. She said shes not mad anymore but that doesnt excuse how hurt and miserable i feel for making her unhappy. I got off the car and cried that night because i didnt want her friends to see me cry. 

But we will see. Im waiting for her to get ready to give her these flowers. I didnt want to over do it with roses. But i just hope we can work things out and she can get over caring about her ex and understand me better in time.
Any thoughts or advice or questions?

out of focus lately 

sunshinesuspension said: Honestly. If you want to conquer your jealousy, you need confidence. You're willing to think she'll be distracted because you don't feel good enough to hold her attention. You need to believe - you need to know - that you're her equal.

Okay /: